Who's Coming?

People who believe community is the secret ingredient in sustainability! 

Sampling of Featured Speakers and Convenors (as of Feb. 14): 

The making of an urban ecovillage - Lois Arkin, Founder Los Angeles Eco-Village, founding member of the Global Ecovillage Network

Social permaculture of intentional communities - Diana Leafe Christian, Editor, Global Ecovillages Newsletter, communities trainer, and author Creating a Life Together, and Finding Community

TBD - Fernando Ausin Gómez, Member, CASA: Consejo de Asentamientos Sustentables de las Américas

Legal Structures  -- Andrea Carter, Andrea M. Carter Law Offices, specializing in cooperative and nonprofit law

Speed-Dating for Community Seekers - Jonah Mesritz, founder Emerald Village, permaculture education center; and Activated Villages, 

Kat Steele, Sustainability Director, Esalen Institute;  founder, Urban Permaculture Guild;

Raines Cohen, Cohousing Association of the USCohousing Coach, co-founder Swan's Market Cohousing, organizer, East Bay Cohousing, author, "Audacious Aging," founding member, Conscious Elders Network

Betsy Morris,  Fellowship for Intentional Community, Cohousing Resarch Network; Berkeley Cohousing, Planning for Sustainable Communities;  Author:  Making cohousing affordable: strategies and successes; 2006 Cohousing Census:  growing green and silver. 

Sanda, Lost Valley Retreat Center, San Mateo Ecovillage, Damenhur Ecovllage, Italia.



All of us growing cooperative culture; putting our visions and values to work into reality, as we are sharing food, homes, cars, equity, and livelihood -- and the earth as a commons. Some kindred groups on the invite list: 

  • San Diego Intentional Communities Meetup
  • San Diego Ecovillage Meetup 
  • Transition San Diego
  • Sustainable San Diego
  • UCSD Sustainability Program
  • Burning Man Regional Leadership Team
  • Community Gardens Meetup 
  • Solidarity Economy Network
  • San Diego Community Land Trust
  • Restorative Justice 
  • Conscious Elders Network
  • Slow Money Southern California
  • Partners for Affordable Cohousing
  • National Coalition for Dialogue and Deliberation
  • San Diego Participatory Budgeting Projects
  • Tiny Home Village fans

And YOU - Communify San Diego won't be complete with you. 


Communify San Diego is produced by Cohousing California and its sister project East Bay Cohousing.  What others have said about the gatherings we have organized:   

  •   “ It opens you up to a new world; a world of vibrant possibilities. ” — Mat Christn

East Bay Cohousing is building a movement! The events they put on are great! ” 

— Janelle Orsi (founder, Sustainablea  Economies Law Center


    “ This is a group of do-ers, not just talkers. Great people all around. ”— Peter Clark .


  • “ An excellent and invaluable resource, even in, and contributing to, one of the epicenters of cooperative living. ”

    — gautam agarwal 


  • “ Just wonderful group of people striving to actualize community in a fractured social world. ”

    — ilsa bartlett 



For more reviews, please see www.ebcoho.org