Communify San Diego

A gathering of seekers, neighbors, organizers, dreamers, trainers, leaders, and activists, to explore the world of intentional communities, cooperative culture, social enterprise, and participatory economics.  

March 7, 2015 9am-6pm at San Diego Friends Center  

Sustainable community is within reach!

People in intentional communities around the world have been pioneering more green, peaceful, and abundant ways of life, while also living more llighly on the planet. 

Reclaiming the power of cooperative human connections, people everywhere have been asking questions and reinventing how we use time, grow food, earn a living, do business, invest money, and participate in our government.   

Get the jump on Earth Day. Meet, learn, share, and break bread with other pioneers, activists, and seekers of the intentional and sustainable community movements here in southern California. There's plenty of time to network and strategize next steps forward. 

Explore intentional communities and other community movements.  Real security, real abundance. 

Communify San Diego is an unconference. Using "open space technology,"  everyone can propose and choose sessions on the topics they are most interested in. Sessions can be skills-sharing, discussions, games, or presentations on topics such as: 

  • Cohousing & Ecovillages
  • Housing cooperatives & co-living households
  • Urban homesteading, community gardens and urban agriculture 
  • Tiny home villages
  • Complementary currencies and time banks 
  • Transition Town and Sustainable San Diego initiatives
  • EarthSharing & community land trusts 
  • Consensus, Group Process Tools  & Technologies of Participation
  • Conscious Elders & Aging in Community
  • Restorative Justice 
  • Post-Occupy Organizing/Safe Streets campaigns
  • Slow Money, Crowdfunding, & Participatory Budgeting

We'll also share opening and closing circles, a panel of special speakers, informational tables for partner groups, and a raffle to benefit Fellowship for Intentional Community. Morning coffee, healthy snacks and lunch are provided. 

Join us March 7.  Click to Register on the right menu bar.  You can also register your interest and receive updates. 

Cost is $49 to $85; Partner discounts, work-trade and volunteer rebates are available or call 609-457-6198 (voice/SMS) for more information. 

Communify San Diego is produced by Cohousing California partners, Betsy Morris & Raines Cohen
and the San Diego Organizing Team, and co-sponsored by Fellowship for Intentional Community (FIC), Cohousing Coaches, and Planning for Sustainable Communities.

Tax-exempt donations for scholarships are welcome through our fiscal partner, the Fellowship for Intentional Community ( 

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